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May 9, 2012

For Grandpa

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I ran into my grandpa at the park a while ago, and he reminded me that there haven’t been any new pictures on here for….. a long while.  So here you go, Grandpa!

These 2 monkeys had a good time trying on hats together.  Natasha thinks everything Malcolm does is pretty cool, and if she can be included that’s even better.

The older girls have been very busy with their dance classes and competitions this spring.  Sabrina has one dance that she is doing in competition this year with a group of 8 girls.  These 2 in the picture with her are her best buds and she loves dancing with them 3 days a week.

Olivia has 3 numbers in competition this year – a jazz group, a lyrical group, and this year she’s also doing a lyrical trio which is what these pictures are of.


Malcolm doesn’t dance, he plays every sport you can think of.  Currently he is playing tball 2 nights a week, he just finished his soccer league, and he also plays hockey in the playroom with Dobby every chance he gets!

Natasha isn’t ready for organized activities yet, so she hangs out on her bike.

She turned one at the end of March – here she is comparing notes with her friend on who made the bigger mess with the birthday cake…I think Tashy wins!

The whole crew dressed up for Easter…not the greatest background for the picture, but they were all sitting together so you gotta take the shot while you can!



October 12, 2011


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The kids all had their pictures taken by Revival Arts studio in the spring, for inclusion in a coffee table book that they are making as a fundraiser for Matthew’s House, a local children’s hospice.  The pictures turned out fabulously!



Natasha looks so different than this already, but this was her at around 6 weeks.

This is a shot that one of the kids took, and we entered it into a photo contest on the Christian radio station that we listen to here…..and it won!  So now we get a prize package worth $1500 at a photo studio in Bellingham (where the radio station is based).  Pretty exciting!

We had a BBQ at auntie Laura’s house in early September….or perhaps it was late August….let’s just say sometime in the last 3 months….and Natasha and Oma got spend some time together.  They even had co-ordinating outfits on 🙂

The week after Labor Day (definitely early September this time!) we spent a few days in Birch Bay.  As you can see, it was quite deserted…..we had the place to ourselves most of the time, which made for some fun times in the pools!

Breakfast in the living room of the place where we stayed, with Natasha supervising.  This was last month – now, we can no longer leave her in the Bumbo chair, as she has figured out how to arch her back and roll out of it.  She is really quite the gymnast!

Stopping for ice cream on the way home….Tasha actually isn’t eating that ice cream….she prefers the bubble gum flavor.

Malcolm’s newest adventure – he is playing in a soccer league.  He loves it – anything that involves running around with a ball, he’s all over it!  The kids are also all playing Friday Nite Basketball, which Dobby is coaching….Natasha and I sit on the sidelines, as she’s not quite ready for it yet.

Here are some things that she has been working on lately – sitting, swinging, crawling, and she has taken to wearing shades when she goes out in public, so her fans from the photo contest don’t recognize her and ask for her autograph 🙂


July 17, 2011

July so far….

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These two are really enjoying each other –  she has constant entertainment, and he has a captive audience! This is what as known as a win-win-win situation, because as they occupy each other, I can do something else 🙂

There has been very little need for swimsuits this summer so far, but she did have one day that was warm enough to dip her feet in the pool.

So, since we can’t use the pool much, this is the cage that the monkeys spend a lot of their time in!

Not sure what (or who) she’s watching here, but I do know that we can’t put her on the couch anymore.  She has mastered the art of digging in her heels and arching her back to move around, so gone are the days of putting her in one spot on the floor and finding her in the same spot a few minutes later.  She can move across the entire room given enough time!  And she’s rolling ….. she’s just generally a very busy girl!

And she’s taken up lifeguarding. Actually, this was one of the activities at Olivia’s 9th birthday party last weekend. We took a few of her friends to the Ranch, and did some horse-riding, rock-climbing, and swimming.  It was a pretty fun day, and one of the few sunny ones this month.

Now, we’re just hoping the warm weather shows up soon so we can enjoy the backyard a little more – we’re getting tired of spending our summer break inside!

May 22, 2011

Life With Four…

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We’re adjusting to our new reality around here!  We love having Natasha with us, but it sure is different 🙂  The other kids are a huge help with her, Malcolm is actually the bravest about changing diapers (he’s fascinated with the poop) and the girls love to carry her around.  She really does enjoy her baths now, but this picture is from her earlier days when she….. didn’t, so much 🙂 I love the expression on Sabrina’s face – so concerned!

Sabrina’s birthday snuck up on us a couple of weeks after Natasha’s birth, so we squeezed a party in for her!

Here we have Malcolm in the swing (5 years ago), and Natasha in the swing.  We can’t really decide who she looks like the most….depends what you’re looking at, I guess.  She’s definitely not as chubby as he was!

The siblings!

Natasha had some growth issues early on…as in, she didn’t grow.  But she seems to have figured it out, and she is now over 8 pounds! Doesn’t she look chubby in the picture on the right?  This is the comparison between 1 day old and 6 weeks old.

She is smiling at us now, which is fabulous, and the kids are always trying to find new ways to make her laugh. She certainly has no shortage of attention around here!

April 1, 2011

Natasha Faith

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As we were celebrating Malcolm’s 5th birthday on Sunday (not his actual birthday, but it was his party that afternoon),

his little sister decided she didn’t want to be left out of the fun anymore.  So, after Malcolm’s little friends headed home,

Dobby and I headed to the hospital.  We got there at 7:00, and Natasha Faith made her appearance at 8:02.

She weighed in at a whopping 5 pounds 15 ounces ( our smallest peanut yet), and she is so precious and perfect.

We stuck around the hospital for the night, since the other kids were eager to come to the hospital to meet her,

so once Grandma brought them for the sibling meet-and-greet,

we all headed home together.

Now we are settling into being a family of 6, the kids are working out whose turn it is to hold her, choose her outfit, dress her, etc….she’s a great little doll!

Now that we’ve reached day 5, they’re realizing (as I warned them many times before she was born) that she really doesn’t do much but eat and sleep, but I keep promising that she’ll get more and more interesting as she grows,

so for now they’re content to cuddle her as she sleeps.

Welcome to our family, sweetheart! We’re excited to watch you grow!

March 14, 2011

Basketball, bowling, and babies…

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No, not our baby yet…a different baby this time 🙂

Good friends of ours had a baby girl a few weeks ago, so we had a little baby shower for her.  My girls are loving spending time with her….good practise for what they’ll be doing constantly in a couple of weeks!

Sabrina (with a little help) knit this hat for Halley….it’s an apple, with a leaf hanging off the top.  She was quite proud of it!

Malcolm, who is less interested in babies, has been playing Friday Night Basketball this year, with Dobby as one of his coaches.

He has had to get over his aversion to ‘hangy’ shirts (anything that hangs below the waistband of his pants is unwearable, as it is classified as ‘hangy’).  But, the jerseys they had to wear at some of these gyms were made for middle schoolers, so he had to suck it up and wear hangy stuff, as you can see by his yellow dress!

Olivia completed a scripture memorization program at church, so she was called up on stage to receive a new bible from the children’s pastor.  She memorized more than 60 passages from the Bible, some of them quite long (the Beatitudes, the 10 Commandments, etc.), so we are very proud of her.  And Sabrina and Malcolm aren’t far behind (the verses are divided into 8 levels, Sabrina is now on level 8, Malcolm on level 7).

Random picture of a cake I made for my cousin’s birthday 🙂

And now onto the ‘bowling’ portion of this post… my nephew had his 4th birthday party at a bowling alley, so the kids all got to bowl for the first time (actually Olivia has bowled once before, but we weren’t there to see it, so this is the first evidence we have!) He wanted me to make him a hockey cake…..

…..and they bowled!

Sabrina did the best of all of them – she even got a couple of spares once she got the hang of it.

Malcolm had a bit of a crazy side-arm thing going (as you can probably tell from this picture of his follow-through), his ball would bank back and forth off the sides a few times (the gutters were blocked) before making it to the end of the lane.

So, unless something really exciting happens in the next couple of weeks, this may be the last post before Shrimp arrives….we’re still hoping this one is going to break the trend and arrive on time, or perhaps even early (the other three were all 2 weeks late)…we’re hoping, but not really expecting that :).



February 19, 2011


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The girls had their annual “Diva Show” today… a chance to do their competition dances on stage for an audience, without yet being judged.  This is Sabrina’s first year in competition, Olivia’s 3rd.

Sabrina was up most of the night with  a stomach bug, but she was not about to miss this event that has been highlighted on the calendar for months, so she soldiered on, and smiled through it all.(The make-up helps mask the fact that she is pale as a ghost!)

They are both in a jazz number (the costumes above), and Olivia is also in a lyrical number this year.

Again, why do some of my pictures insist on turning sideways when I upload them?  Oh, well, here she is….

February 14, 2011

My Little Valentines

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The munchkins decorated a cake for Valentine’s Day today – Malcolm did the bear (with a little assistance), and the girls did the heart on the bottom.

And one more recent picture…this is from when Michelle came from Sk for a very short visit (better than no visit at all!).  Zion is her son, which makes him….the son of the kids’ cousin….I don’t know, is that a second cousin? Once removed?  Who knows, whatever he is, he’s awfully cute, and we were so glad to meet him!

January 20, 2011

Christmas pictures….finally…

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To be honest, the real reason that the posts are so few and far between here is because I have put off developing the pictures on the camera for so long.  There were more than 500 pictures on that thing, and every time I would think about posting, I would then think about how long it was going to take to upload the pictures (I’m sure there must be a better way to do it, but the only way I know how took a long time with 500 pictures). Then I would realize that I didn’t have that much time to dedicate to the procedure, and I would not do it.

Good news…..I have now developed (and subsequently deleted off the camera) all but 62 of the pictures.  I uploaded those 62 pictures, and it didn’t take much time at all!  And now you get to see some of them!

The cuties all decked out for their Christmas concert.

He found the camera! What a goof 🙂

Olivia recited scripture in church 3 different times during the Christmas season. Once during the children’s presentation, once during advent one Sunday morning, and once more on Christmas Eve.  She actually has all of Luke 2 memorized!  And she has absolutely no qualms about being on stage…a trait she gets from her father, definitely not from me.

Can you spot Sabrina?  She’s holding up the giant star while the other girls on stage recite a poem.

Here are the munchkins showing their appreciation to each other on Christmas morning for the gifts they had each chosen to give.

This is Boxing Day, the girls posing with their special gift that Grandpa (in the background) made for them… bunk beds for their dolls.

And Malcolm with his special gift from Grandpa and Grandma – rollerblades.  I rotated the picture before I uploaded it, but apparently it likes to be like this, so…..whatever.  You’ll have to turn your head 🙂

In other news, I am now 30 weeks into this pregnancy, still feeling good, and the kids are getting very excited to meet their new sibling. If the next two months go as fast as January has, the time will be here before we know it.





December 11, 2010


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This is my latest comment I’ve received on this blog….”hmmm”….can I take that to mean someone is wondering where I am? Well, we’re still here, no excuses for the lack of blogging, just….haven’t done it.  But, since it proved to be a valuable medium for communicating and sharing pics the last time we had an addition to our family, I thought I’d better get back in the habit before baby #4 arrives in late March…oh, who are we kidding, this is another of my babies, it’s not showing up till April.  Yes, for those of you who aren’t on Facebook, or otherwise haven’t heard from us for a while, we’re having another one!  And we do know what gender it will be, but some of the folks who read this blog (or who may someday read it – does anyone still actually check here?) have expressed their desire not to know, so if you want to know you’ll have to ask!

There’s not too much point in trying to catch up on pictures since my last post – it was in July, after all! – but I’ll give you a few pics, just because I think my kids are cute, and we’ve done some fun stuff in the past 5 months!

Here they are being crushed by a giant fish at a park in Seattle, on our way down to Oregon in September.

Olivia, chillin’ in the loft of our cabin in Oregon (you could see the ocean through that octagonal window).

This is how we spent most of our time – beachcombing, playing in the waves, reading on the beach, digging in the sand, etc – and this is about how crowded it was the whole time. The entire beach to ourselves.

The veterinarians hard at work at the Children’s Museum we visited last month.

Friendly cow at the Museum.

Working in the water room.

And making music on the roof…


The girls actually closed Malcolm into this space….

and he quite enjoyed it!

So, that’s a bit of what we’ve been doing lately……Hopefully it won’t be quite so long before the next update.

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